Down With Love Taiwan Drama

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Down with Love is a Taiwanese drama which is romance-filled and interesting. The actors playing some characters in Down With Love include Jerry Yan, Ella Chen, Xiao Xian, Gu Bao Ming, Michael Zhang. In this Taiwanese drama, Jerry Yan will give life to a lawyer who is good at divorce and inheritance lawsuits, who is very cool, smart, sharp tongued, and cold. On the other hand, Ella Chen plays the role of a nanny of two children. In the first episode, it is obvious that the character of Ellen Chen is very hardworking. The character she played seemed content in life. The sushi eating competition is also very funny.

Jerry Yan is so hot in this Taiwanese drama. Playing a witty lawyer suits him. Sporting the same hairstyle also helps a lot in order to play such a cold character. It is funny that he was able to ask huge amount of money as a settlement of a case he handled. His client is a woman who seeks divorce from a very rich businessman. Because of his ability to make the old man angry, he was able to raise several questions enough to make the old man disclose that his secretary got pregnant. That made his chances of winning the case so big. No wonder, his client wants to ask more and more properties from the old man. Down With Love is really a must-see Taiwanese drama.


Summer Paige said...

When I see Barbie Xu on TV, I remember Jerry Yan, her love interest in Meteor Garden I and II. Here, Summer Bubbles, Barbie Xu acted well and still looks stunning.

Trendy Karen said...

I like Down With Love drama. Aside from that fact that Jerry Yan is my favorite Taiwanese star, I also like the plot of the story. when we had a vacation for five days at Mount Sea Resorts in Cavite, we watched this television series. We really enjoyed our vacation in some Cavite resorts that time. Thanks for the interesting post!

Precious87 said...

I love this series very much too, as much as I love Jerry Yan! He's so hot and very handsome here,though he lose a lo of weight due to a very busy schedule. I have watched this drama mor like 4x already from the time that it was aired in Philippines television. Now I'm so very happy again when I read the news that Philippines bought the copyrights of Jerry Yans new drama series In Love We Trust where he'll play as a brilliant ad director, who rides motorcycle, d roller blades and who is temporarily blind with a leading lady who is deaf since she as 18yrs old. Very interesting drama series. Can't wait anymore.