Featuring Go Hyun Jung As An Actress

Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's so obvious that Go Hyun Jung is one of my favorite finest Asian stars. I've been featuring her in my beauty and fashion blogs, too. I'm also interested in her life story because I'm sure it has something to do with how brilliantly she portrays the characters that she's playing in television or in movies. She's also dubbed as a phenomenal actress nowadays because she just won three rows of acting awards, such as Grand Prize MBC Drama Awards 2010, Grand Prize Award in the latest Baeksang Awards, and also Hallyu Star Female Actor during the Seoul International Drama Awards lately. It was all because of her superb portrayal as Lady Mishil in Queen Seon Deok series.

With a life story like this, as reported via Allkpop by Ghostwriter: Go Hyun Jung had gotten married to a man who was the nephew of the Samsung Group CEO and had two children with him. They were divorced later. After the divorce, Go Hyun Jung never saw her children again (never stood a chance in custody battle) and was left with a small alimony and broken reputation (women who divorce in Korea are looked down upon). And because she can’t see her children, Go Hyun Jung had expressed in interviews that she hopes to continue acting for as long as possible so that her children can see her through the television and cinemas, it's so amazing that Go Hyun Jung remained stalwart whatever happened.

Revisiting Erika Sawajiri of One Liter of Tears

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Erika Sawajiri is one of my favorite Japanese stars nowadays. Although there were negative publicity about her, true or not, I still believe that she could pick up the pieces and start all over again as an actress, model, and musician. She became really famous because of her portrayal as Aya of the Japanese drama series One Liter of Tears. Since the story of the said drama is non-fiction, it was expected that she could play it well on television. In fact, I became familiar of her because of her role in One Liter of Tears. She's also known for her talent in singing and modeling.

I've been looking for the latest news about Erika Sawajiri. It's good that she studied the English language while she was not present in Japan. There were also rumors of her comeback in the entertainment industry, particularly music. Controversial as she is, some people still wants her back because of her talent with hope that her rumored latest movie will be materialized.

Erika Sawajiri One Liter of Tears