Asian Stars in Hollywood

Monday, April 19, 2010

There are various Asian stars who made it to Hollywood that are worth remembering. Some of them might not fall under the category of Asian finest stars depending upon individual views, but at least they made it big. In this review, we will just go over some of the Asian stars in Hollywood. Some of them includes Zhang Zi Yi, Lucy Liu, Sandra Oh, Aaron Yoo, and Jackie Chan. I just listed those Asian stars that I am familiar with the movie or movies where they appeared.

Zhang Ziyi here acted for The Banquet.

Zhang Zi Yi
is not only pretty, she is capable of making viewers remember her name. She is stunning in The Memoirs of Geisha, fast and strong in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and a loyal lover in Hero. I remembered Aaron Yoo's acting in Disturbia. His witty remarks and skillful support to the lead actor is amazing. Jackie Chan unquestionably showed awesome acting prowess in all films that he worked for. Lucy Liu is amazing in Charlies Angels. On the other hand, Sandra Oh is visible in Grey's Anatomy.

These Asian stars in Hollywood will surely continue soar high in the international entertainment scene with their talents and exquisite looks. We will soon be awed out of Jackie Chan's movie The Karate Kid then.