Kim Nam Gil Korean Actor

Monday, April 19, 2010

It is time for Kim Nam Gil to shine as a Korean star. His phenomenal rise to fame started when he portrayed the role of Bidam in Queen Seon Deok drama series. He is the perfect choice for the role. It was reported that he patterned his portrayal of the character Bidam in comic and some movie characters. For giving life to an interesting character Bidam, Kim Nam Gil indeed attracted numerous viewers as the secret weapon to make the drama series Queen Seon Deok achieve phenomenal success. He is both good and evil opposite Queen Seon Deok and his love remained true despite his death. He was just swayed by his emotions that he thought, the Queen wanted him to die. It was late for him to realize that Queen Seon Deok never betrayed her in the first place.

Recently, Kim Nam Gil had to finish filming his last work Bad Man before working on his mandatory military service in his country. He will be out for two years, hence fans across Asia prepared for his would-be long absence in the entertainment industry. Kim Nam Gil will leave behind many things in the Korean entertainment industry. He starred in a commercial for a coffee brand named BABA. He looked stunning in the said commercial for it was patterned after his role as Bidam in Queen Seon Deok. Releasing an arrow is a magnificent view for the Korean star. He also won the Best Newcomer Award in the latest Baeksang Awards. The Excellence Award for an actor also goes to Kim Nam Gil at the MBC Drama Awards. Another one for Kim Nam Gil is for the Best Couple Award with Lee Yo Won. For his latest work entitled Bad Man, it is rest assured that all his fans will support him for he gained their confidence after showing his interesting portrayal as Bidam in Queen Seon Deok.


Anonymous said...

please come back soon. we missed you so much.

Anonymous said...

please come back soon. we missed you so much.

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Trendy Karen said...

We all missed Kim Nam Gil since he was absent in the small screen. I'm sure you like her last project before he left for military service. Well, are you inspired with Bad Man? It was Kim's last television series before he left.

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